Improve your cannabis store's success and accelerate your career

Introducing Cannabis Retail Data Mastery

Are you ready to become
a Cannabis MIP?

Have you ever heard of an MVP? That usually stands for Most Valuable Player (MVP) and it speaks to the player on the team that had the biggest impact or scored the most points this past season.

Now have you ever heard of an MIP? The Most Invaluable Player (MIP) is something much more rare and powerful. When a player is “valuable,” they had a good short-run and were useful for the team, but the MVP changes almost every year.

When a player is “invaluable,” they are critical to everything and the team will never be the same without them. MIPs are so priceless, they call the shots and drive the team, and that rarely changes year-in and year-out.

Our industry needs to step up its game and level up in sophistication. It all starts with the MIPs leading the charge.

Will that be you?

Master your data to master your destiny (and store)

That’s what this course is all about - teaching you to use the power of data to become a Cannabis Retail MIP.

You know you’re becoming the MIP when

  • Leadership comes to you first and they listen closely when you speak

  • You confidently and clearly explain the what, why, and how of the business

  • You use your data superpowers to solve seemingly impossible problems

  • Your team recognizes and celebrates your invaluable contributions

  • You prioritize your work effectively, and get home at a reasonable hour

  • You could leave today and get a new job, with a raise, tomorrow

  • You feel in charge of your business, your team, and your life!

Why I created this course

My name is Henry, and I’m the CEO of Cannabis Big Data.

I’ve spent the last 5 years building software for, consulting, and coaching some of the biggest (and smallest) cannabis companies on how to make the most of their business data.

Through my years in the industry, I’ve noticed some recurring negative stories across teams in the US and Canada. These are the stories that usually result in companies going out of business or losing their A+ players to their competitors.

These are the stories that are holding back our industry.

They may even be holding back you.

Which limiting stories resonate with your experience?

Exhausting firefighting

“It seems like I’m always putting out a fire. It’s tiring and exhausting, and I never have enough time to get everything I want done. I come home stressed and my friends / family say I’m a mess most of the time.”

Sinking business metrics

“I don’t know why, but our customers / sales / profit have been flat or dipping recently. It was even hard to pay for rent / products / payroll last month. This is not sustainable and I don’t know how to get back to growing.”

Frustrating glass ceilings

“I know I can do more or take on more responsibility, but leadership / my boss / my team won’t give me a chance. I feel like I’m stuck with no way to grow my career. Where can I grow from here?”

Stuck in the muck

“We want to grow and expand our store count, but we can't do it with the systems and tools we have today. It feels way too stressful & slow moving. I wish I could work on the business instead of in the business.”

Draining toxic cultures

“My team / boss / company sucks and they can’t seem to get it right. They never listen to me and I dread all the daily busy work. I don’t know how much longer I can handle this headache of a job.”

Can't fill the seats

“There just isn't enough good talent in the industry today. We know we could do better, but it is impossible to hire top quality professionals. And when we think we found someone, they are usually underwhelming.”

These are data problems
and you can solve them

Believe it or not, all of these problems can be solved with data.

Getting sick of challenges with employees, motivation, vision, or execution?

Ready to take your team, your business, and career to the next level?

Buckle up and get ready - the industry is never going to be the same.

Data is power - you have options

This course is not for everyone, and there are plenty of other things you could do to level up your and your team’s data game.

To support you on your journey, here is a list of things you could do that do not involve taking this course.

Hire someone to your team

If you’re the manager or owner, you could hire a data professional onto your payroll.

It’s awesome to have a dedicated resource on your team, just be aware that:

  • Hiring a good fit candidate can take 3-6 months

  • Qualified, cannabis-experienced data professionals are very rare, so expect to pay top dollar ($130k - $250k annual salary, depending on seniority)

  • Non-cannabis data scientists and analysts are more green thus less expensive ($75k - $200k annual salary, depending on experience) but they usually need 3-6 months of training on cannabis nuances before they’re fully productive

  • There is very high demand for data pros, so that means high turnover if they don’t feel compensated or appreciated enough

If you have the time, money, energy, and trust to go down this road, it can be a great option!

Otherwise, you may want to consider going a different route.

Engage a vendor or consultant

Vendors and consultants are great because they have experience working with other cannabis companies. Just be wary of one-size fits all reports or deliverables that don’t actually answer your immediate questions or solve your specific problems.

Industry-wide reports typically cost $1,000+ per month and can be useful, but they become less interesting when you need to know nitty gritty details about your specific business. Internal business data software, like the data tools at Cannabis Big Data, focus on your internal needs but require someone on your team to own and manage them.

Custom consulting work, and at Cannabis Big Data we do a lot of that, can be more tailored to your needs but typical contracts cost $25,000 - $100,000+.

Learn on your own

You’re living large and in charge, and you can do anything … except you have to add it on top of the many jobs you’re already doing.

If figuring it out after hours is more important than spending time with family and friends or playing outside, you can always:

  • Read through blogs and tutorials then try to implement without support or guidance

  • Take generic online courses that have nothing to do with cannabis

  • Attend a expensive conference or workshop that feels exciting but doesn’t yield results

Do nothing

And let’s be honest, you could always do nothing. In fact, that’s what most cannabis professionals do - they complain about the problems but then do nothing about it. Have you ever met someone who complains all the time but never takes ownership of solving the issue?

If doing nothing is the best solution, that tells me your daily life is not frustrating, disappointing, disempowering, discouraging, or painful enough to be worth the time and energy to level up. If that’s the case, I wholeheartedly agree that doing nothing is your best path forward.

Stop here and kick back because your life is awesome enough to stay on track!

Introducing: Cannabis Retail Data Mastery

Cannabis Retail Data Mastery is a 6-week, cohort-based online course to empower cannabis retail professionals (and their businesses) with data skills. In short, this course trains individual players to become Cannabis MIPs.

Participants will accelerate their careers and improve business outcomes by practicing the SCORE method and utilizing our Data Storybooks and Data Playbooks. Participants that complete and present their capstone project will become Certified Cannabis Retail Analysts (CCRAs) and can use their capstone in professional portfolios for promotions and job applications.

Who this course is NOT for

If you’re just that good and doing nothing sounds like the right course of action, this course is not for you.

If you’re not interested in growing your professional skills or learning to be a stronger player on the team, this course is not for you.

If you want all the trophies without trying your best and practicing your skills, this course will not be fun or productive for you.

If you feel like you know everything there is to know about cannabis data and there is nothing more to learn, then you should be teaching me and this course is not for you!

This course IS for aspiring Cannabis MIPs

Now, if you want to be the best player on your cannabis retail team, and you’re willing to study and practice to get there, this course is for you. Behind every top player there is a coach and a trainer, and that’s exactly what this cohort-based course is for you.

This course is for professionals currently in (or seeking to soon join) the cannabis industry that want to level up their data game. It’s for professionals that realize data skills are a superpower that will set them apart from the playing field. It’s for professionals who want to drive the industry forward and to make a difference in their companies. It’s for professionals that feel a burning desire to be better, smarter, sharper, and more productive tomorrow than they are today. It’s for professionals that are ready to step up and show up in a way they never thought possible.

If you’re the owner or manager of your store, you can’t afford to not be the MIP. Your MIP is a hot commodity, and they know it, so you either have to do everything you can to keep them on your team or be that person yourself.

If you’re not the owner or manager, being the MIP guarantees job security and career growth. The fastest way to the top is being the player everyone picks first - you’ll get more opportunities to take the shots, more wins to convince the bosses, and more trust in your skills to lead ever larger teams. Dream big, then go out and win even bigger.

It all starts by unlocking your data superpowers (and yes, you have them!). The course curriculum below will show you exactly how.

6 core topics in 6 weeks
with hands-on learning & guided support

Cannabis Retail Data Mastery is a 6-week cohort-based course.

Throughout the course, we teach:

  • SCORE method - Simplify, Connect, Observe, Recommend, Elevate (& Evaluate)

  • Data Storybooks - Typical stories to understand and explain data narratives

  • Data Playbooks - The most impactful projects and initiatives to change the data story

Get the most value from your 4/20

We started our first cohort after 4/20 to capitalize on the influx of customers, sales, and data from the recent holiday.

While everything is still fresh, dig deep into your numbers to learn important lessons, engage new customers, and level up your data game to prepare for the next big rush.

Course Topics

Week 1: The 5 Secrets to Data Mastery

  • Learning to SCORE big with leadership

  • The power of narratives in Data Storybooks

  • Mastering the game with Data Playbooks

  • Block and fizzle naysayers with Data Integrity

  • Why MIPs rock the KPIs

Week 2: Winning Big with Winning Products

  • Top 5 metrics to become a product guru

  • Validating vendors with trophy reports

  • Managing margins with markups and discounts

  • Maximize cash flow & simplify product selection with the PTAC Inventory method

  • Lessons from Restaurants - Menu engineering like a maestro

Week 3: Curating Customer Connections

  • Building a customer model you can be proud of

  • Owning the field with the RFMDC segmentation strategy

  • Realizing your ROI with marketing & sales campaigns

  • From 1:many to 1:1 hyper-personalized marketing

Week 4: Empowering your Employees

  • How to understand employee performance in 5 metrics

  • Inspiring employee excellence with precise incentives

  • Upleveling benchwarmers with targeted training sessions

  • Unlocking champion team dynamics with coach-players

Week 5: Internalizing Industry Benchmarks

  • Mapping the landscape of industry benchmarks

  • When to watch (and when to ignore) market trends

  • Strategies stores use to almost always beat the market

  • The hidden cost of "free" industry reports

  • The hidden value of FREE industry reports

Week 6: Features of the Future

  • Impressing management with formalized forecasts

  • Rapidly adjust to big shifts with dynamics budgets

  • Best practices for betting on the future, today

Celebrational Demo Day
Capstone Presentations

What we're up to with applications

This is the first cohort-based course we are running. Heck, this is the first data course in the entire cannabis industry!

We want to make sure we get it right, and that means having the right people in the first cohort to make this program a success for participants and for the industry.

We know this course isn’t for everyone, and we only want the absolute most serious, committed, and ambitious cannabis retail professionals in this course.

To make sure we provide the best community of learners, we require everyone to fill out a short application and do a Zoom interview.

The application has 7 simple questions. These reflections will help inform if this is the right course for where you’re at today.

After the application, there will be a 30 minute discovery call. At the end of that call, you’ll know if Cannabis Retail Data Mastery is a good fit for you.

This first cohort has limited seats and they will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sooner you apply and do your call, the sooner you can lock in your seat.

Cohort 1 registration is closed

Throughout the 6 weeks, everyone will receive

  • 2 live 1-hr sessions per week with smaller breakout sessions + teacher Q&A

  • Sample store dataset for hands-on learning and practice

  • Detailed homework feedback to iterate, learn, and improve

  • Step-by-step work plan to implement data best practices in a store

  • 3 open Q&A sessions to answer general questions

  • Forever access to a private Slack channel to connect and chat with like-minded colleagues

  • A private Circle network for your cohort to share resources and get feedback from the industry’s best and brightest

  • Certified Cannabis Retail Analyst (CCRA) certificate awarded if capstone is finished and presented (HUGE for standing out in job search)

Starter Package: $1,495

There are also Accelerator and Catalyst packages for companies that want the Cannabis Big Data toolkit & multiple employees in this cohort

If your team is interested, we can discuss further on the discovery call

Get reimbursed by your company

Most large companies, and many small ones, will reimburse training programs that benefit the business.

If you need help getting reimbursed, click here to download a proposal template.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the lessons going to be pre-recorded or live?

Most of the lessons will be live. We may pre-record certain foundational pieces so that you can watch them before the live sessions.

If I have to miss a live session, will I be able to watch a recording later?

Yes, we will record each live session and post it in the Circle network.

Can I still get the Certified Cannabis Retail Analyst (CCRA) certificate if I do not finish the course or the capstone project?

No. The capstone project is a culmination of everything you learned and speaks to the caliber of what you’re capable of. Doing the capstone will impress your manager and add to your personal portfolio of excellence for any future job opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a CCRA, you’ll need to complete and present your capstone project.

What Cannabis Big Data tools are included in the Accelerator and Catalyst levels?

Participants that sign up for the Accelerator or Catalyst levels will receive the following Cannabis Big Data modules:

To unlock these modules, there will be a necessary step of integrating with your store’s POS so you can work with your store’s live data.

Are there any payment plans?

We want to make this course accessible. If paying all at once is a hardship for you, please reach out to and we will set up a 3 part payment plan over 6 weeks.

I’m not currently in the cannabis industry, but I want to join. Is this course right for me?

Heck ya! There are currently no Certified Cannabis Retail Analysts (CCRAs), so your application will stand out that much more after you complete this course. Also, it’s much more likely you’ll be on a fast track to leadership if you come in with strong data skills.

I’m a cannabis industry veteran / I’ve been managing a retail store for years. Is there anything for me to learn here?

Those who have direct leadership experience in cannabis retail will have the most profound insights. You’ve lived and breathed the challenges and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and all the ways to apply it to your day-to-day work. Plus, you’ll be able to use the data from your store to make it immediately actionable for your team.

Is this course applicable to working in any state? Or are there nuances between states due to their varying laws?

This course is applicable to any licensed cannabis business in any state. It does not touch on regulations directly so much as how to work with customer, product, and sales data within the business.

How much time will this course and the home practice material take?

You can expect ~3-5 hours per week for the full 6 weeks. There are 2 live hours sessions each week. On top of that, there will be assignments to complete in between sessions, bonus materials to review, office hours, capstone work, and, depending on your level, one-on-one coaching hours.

Will this be worth the time, money, and energy?

The real question is, “can you afford to not master your data?”. The companies and employees that consistently succeed are the ones that harness the power of their business data to make nimble decisions, respond to changes in the market, and adapt to the ever shifting landscape of the cannabis industry. If you’re at the top of your game today, it’s only a matter of time before a stronger player, one who has unlocked their data superpowers, comes to take your title. And if you’re not at your peak performance, only diligent coaching and practice will get you there. Invest in yourself, show up for your team, and practice hard - you’ll see results and outcomes you couldn’t have imagined before.

I choose to be the best - what do you choose?

You know it, I know it, and the industry at large knows it: the business of cannabis is changing, and it's changing fast.

The most exciting thing is that those in the industry today get to choose where the industry grows tomorrow.

I choose to lift the sophistication of every cannabis professional that cares to learn and practice.

I choose to change the old story that "a dispensary is a dead end job" by paving a gilded path to the very top.

I choose to use the power of data for good.

I choose to empower and enable the next generation of brilliant minds & caring hearts that will take this industry to unimaginable levels.

I choose to elevate the conversation around data ethics and integrity.

I choose to prove every doubter and nayser wrong by the sheer force of compassion, care, and unstoppable dedication to excellence.

I choose to unleash a team of Most Invaluable Players (MIPs) that set the bar so high they redefine the very nature of the game.

What do you choose?

The cannabis industry will never the same again.

Sign up below to join me.

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